The Secret Forest Lake

For FallMakesHideout's Iron Hideout competition: Secret Haven! Link to the forum thread here:


► How your hideout fits the theme: I've been taking lesser-used and typically very small hideouts to the next level by sprinkling some love and sparkles over them. Cartographer's hideout was my first favorite hideout, but due to the size and light, it was very difficult to work around. BUT! When the water plane decoration was released, I decided I needed to give it another go, because the level differences would make an amazing lake. Throw in Fall's decision to make the theme "Secret Haven" and I knew what I was going to do.


The Secret Forest Lake is a secluded haven, just outside a grand old keep, inhabited by the Godslayers. This is where our tired exiles can relax and recharge afer hard days of traversing the Atlas. It may be small, but it has everything needed. And while the Godslayers are away, off to save the world, the groundkeeper and his wife (who lives in the small hut by the lake) oversees the maintenance of the place.


30 August, 2020 - 11:03

Nice Hideout :)

30 August, 2020 - 21:20

Wow, one of the best budget hideout I have seen in a while, nice work! At first, I couldn't even tell it was a cartographer hideout!

I'm not a fun of the fishing guys, the red trees, and some of the large rocks, but that's my personal taste, this is amazing! truly well done!

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Hideout version: 1.0
Total decorations: 214
Uses MTX: No

Decoration name MTX Count
Alva No 1
Crafting Bench No 1
Einhar No 1
Guild Stash No 1
Helena No 1
Jun No 1
Kirac No 1
Map Device No 1
Navali No 1
Niko No 1
Sister Cassia No 1
Stash No 1
Tane Octavius No 1
Waypoint No 1
Zana No 1
Driftwood Log No 22
Slave Pens Barrel No 1
Hungry Exile No 1
Slave Pens Crate No 1
Large Rocks No 32
Fellshrine Ruins No 2
Large Church Wall Arch No 1
Ramshackle Hut No 1
Driftwood Branches No 6
Forest Flowers No 4
Grass Ground No 6
Menagerie Bucket No 1
Fish Stand No 1
Grass Patch No 2
Lush Tree No 8
Sitting Log No 2
Tree No 3
Bush No 11
Dry Tree No 19
Garden Path No 6
Shore Bonfire No 1
Desert Plants No 4
Coral Cluster No 5
Kitava Banner No 3
Blown Leaves No 4
Coral Formation No 4
Maple Tree No 2
Oriath Curb No 1
Oriathan Child No 1
Oriath Doorway No 1
Overgrown Boulder No 3
Den Large Rock No 2
Den Small Rock No 4
Maraketh Lantern No 3
Volcanic Rock No 2
Blocking Volume No 11
Oriath Weapons Crate No 4
Oriath Lantern No 4
Water Plane No 5
Wicker Basket No 1
Hanging Lamp No 2
Pohutukawa Tree No 2
Latest version: 1.0

Version number MTX Publish date Total favor Total decorations Downloads Link
1.0 No 2020-08-30 06:37:17 705,140 214 424 Download

1.0 | 30 Aug 2020 - 06:37

Initial release