7 June 2023

  • Fixed an issue where the new base guides all showed the same amount of views & downloads

6 June 2023

  • Restored the Random hideout button
  • Added a new guides section with information for each hideout base.
  • Style updates including a new background image!
  • Lots of other random changes throughout the site that I have forgotten to keep track of x.X

3 June 2022

  • Added a tagging system!

2 December 2021

  • Updated competition.
  • Fixed an issue with the category on homepage disappearing if you clicked the 2nd button.

7 November 2021

  • Removed favor from most of the UI.
  • Implemented speed related changes to deal with higher traffic.
  • Added timeframe to the search options.

3 March 2021

  • Fixed a bug not letting you see 2nd page comments.
  • Added new hideouts to the new guide page.
  • Updated the hideout showcase event on the news feed.

28 August 2020

  • Home button removed
  • Calculator moved to Extras drop down.
  • Added an Events section to the homepage.
  • Fixed an when navigating to hideouts without a name.
  • updated hideout urls to include the hideout name to help google rankings.

5 August 2020

  • Updated the front page to include a pager bar so you can more easily browse hideouts.
  • Fixed an issue where a new line added to the hideout export was breaking the ability to upload certain hideouts.

27 July 2020

  • The front page now shows 12 hideouts again upon request
  • Added a new Help page for anyone having trouble importing a hideout.

25 July 2020

  • Lots of UI changes.
  • Changed the background to an image from black space.
  • Added borders around a lot of things.
  • Changed the font color of the entire site from flat white.
  • The sites look and feel are still a work in progress.
  • This is not the last update, so bear with me. I know some things look rough.

24 July 2020

  • Fixed an issue where uploaded hideouts on a user profile counted invisible hideouts
  • resized the site header image.
  • Added images to the decorations grid.
  • Removed strikethrough on hover effects from navbar when logged in.

23 July 2020

  • Added smart social tags (when you post a hideout in Discord it shows a picture and the title now)
  • Updated page titles, chrome tab headers now provide more information.
  • Fixed a few bugs caused by migrating to a new host.

5 February 2020

  • The homepage now shows newest hideouts by default. Most populair is still available through the dropdown
  • Added a random hideout button to the top menu

10 September 2019

  • The site has been updated for the new Blight league. The music system has been added to the site. Later on filtering on music will be added.
  • I've implemented ads on the site. This is in no way final. This is the expirimenting phase. Let me know your feedback on discord! Namanix#6702
  • Hideoutshowcase has been moved to its own dedicated server a few weeks ago. To be more future proof.
  • With the new server comes a lot of more space. So I've upped the maximum amount of screenshots to 25 per hideout.

23 July 2019

  • The notification system is live. You will receive a notification in the following events:
    You can find the new envelope icon just besides the search icon
    1) A user started following you
    2) A user who you follow has uploaded a new hideout
    3) A user has commented on 1 of your hideouts
    4) A user who you follow has updated their hideout with a new version
    Let me know if other notifications need to be added to the system :)

7 July 2019

  • The Glimmerwood hideout had the wrong name. This is fixed now.
  • Fixed a bug where others could see hideouts that were invisible.

7 June 2019

  • You can now change what you want to see on the homepage. This is saved so you only have to do it once and you can always change it.
  • The calculator is now fixed to use with decorations from Jun
  • Removed the website border

18 April 2019

  • You can now remove hideout versions (All but the newest)

2 April 2019

  • Fixed a bug that caused uploads to have double decoration costs. (Also fixed it in already uploaded hideouts so no need to reupload)
  • Cavas is now listed as "No master"

12 March 2019

  • The site is updated for Synthesis! Jun is now part of the search and the decorations are added.
  • The new hideout types are also added. Including the new Shaped hideout!
  • Added a maximum favor needed feature to the search bar.

20 February 2019

  • Doomguard and Sunspire hideouts are now supported!
  • Those weird menu break effect thingies that look like your gpu might be dying are now gone from the site!

19 February 2019

  • The calculator from is now implemented on the site
  • The search function is now fixed. Let me know if there are still problems (

18 February 2019

  • Decoration prices are updates (GGG lowered the prices)

1 January 2019

  • The website has been moved to a new host. Hopefully more stable now

24 December 2018

  • The changelog page has been created!
  • The menu now has a "Extra's" button. Soon that will be renamed to "Contact" but for now it's just a dropdown to the changelog page and PoE forum post.
  • All the pages with lists containing hideouts now show MTX and hideout type. Favour and total doodads have been removed.
  • You can now use the MTX filter on the search bar.
  • You can now use the hideout type filter on the search bar.
  • Added a "MTX free hideouts" page in the dropdown of the menu "Hideouts"