Lunar Excursion

Lunar Excursion by Fall

Watch the video please, it doesn't look as nice in screenshots.

'That's one small step for a man, one giant leapslam for mankind.'

This hideout is so damn bright, it's like the surface of the moon... oh wait.

• No MTX.
• Room for portals from map device, Alva, Jun.
• Ideal for speed mapping and daily use. Hideout is tried and tested, I have used it myself.


19 December, 2019 - 13:36

Can you please make a version for the celestial nebula hideout?

08 January, 2020 - 18:35

Love the hideout, unfortunately it isn't importing correctly. The lander isn't in the center and the guy to the south and the buggy aren't there. Could you re-upload the file? Thanks!

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Hideout version: 1
Total decorations: 280
Uses MTX: No

Decoration name MTX Count
Alva No 1
Crafting Bench No 1
Einhar No 1
Guild Stash No 1
Helena No 1
Jun No 1
Map Device No 1
Navali No 1
Niko No 1
Sister Cassia No 1
Stash No 1
Waypoint No 1
Zana No 1
Ancient Rubble No 5
Crypt Rubble No 25
Rubble Strip No 3
Large Rocks No 1
Ossuary Brazier No 2
Coral Barnacles No 1
Rock Formation No 28
Oriath Ground No 29
Sand Pile No 49
Large Snowy Rock No 8
Den Large Rock No 1
Den Small Rock No 3
Sulphite Light No 1
Labyrinth Lever No 3
Oriath Rubble No 100
Sand Tracks No 8
Latest version: 1

Version number MTX Publish date Total favor Total decorations Downloads Link
1 No 2019-12-13 15:02:29 875,150 280 2498 Download

1 | 13 Dec 2019 - 15:02

Initial release